Is There Such Thing As A Domainer-Developer Or Are They Just Developers?

So it’s about time we blow the lid off this one and get to the bottom of it. A new breed of Domainer has emerged but some argue that this isn’t a Domainer at all but instead a developer. The Domaining industry has seen a HUGE shift towards development as domain owners try to recapture the income their properties have lost as PPC revenues declined. The problem is – development is hard work! It’s not that magic bullet that parking promises – a solution you can throw all your domains at and – poof – you have revenue.

This means that more and more Domainers are starting to either become developers themselves or hire developers to build-out their domains. In fact, some developers are starting to notice what’s going on and are becoming Domain investors themselves. The affiliate marketing community has always used Domain names to some level but has focused entirely on monetization rather than buying/selling.

Now, your average domain investor thinks about development potential more than ever. Another strong trend that has followed-along with the decline in PPC is the increase in search. Whether you want to admit it or not type-in traffic is becoming a thing of the past and search is taking over. Not just search…but video too – You Tube is now the #2 search engine online next to Google! This has been another big plus for development which allows your domain to rank in search engines and build-up organic traffic.

So as all these dynamics change and the new age of Domaining begins has a new breed of Domainer emerged – the Domainer Developer? Some say “Yes” and some say “No” – I’ll share my opinion and then let you share yours as always!

Domainer Developer

[doh-meyn-er] [dih-vel-uh-per]

A person that buys domain names for the purpose of development and monetization (and potentially re-sale)

I think the the Domainer Developer definitely exists – but it is important that the person is buying domains and evaluating them as a key part of their revenue-generation strategy. I also think that Domainer Developers should occasionally be selling domains and buying in the aftermarket, etc. The idea is – someone that buys domains in a similar way that Domainers have for years but rather than parking focuses on development.

Now it’s your turn – does the Domainer Developer exist or do you have to buy and sell Domains to really be a Domainer. Let’s settle this debate – you can help – comment and let you voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton