Quick Tip For Honing Your Domain Sales Letter

Chances are your domain sales letter sucks. Sorry but it’s true. In fact, chances are you’ve sent some out, got a negative response and decided that you were just bugging people who tell you to “get lost” almost immediately. I hate to break it to you but people hate sales letters.

Sure, a domain could help them rank better in Google, could send valuable type-in traffic, and will probably make word-of-mouth marketing even easier but stuffing all that into a sales letter isn’t going to work in your favor.

Whether you’re selling domains or doornobs, sending someone a long sales letter with reasons why they need to have what you’re selling really doesn’t work via email. If you’re meeting in person or on the phone that’s a whole different story but via email, long sales letters look like…well…long sales letters.

So my quick tip for honing your sales letter is to not make it a sales letter. At this point you might be saying, “Why are you telling me to make my sales letter not look like a sales letter?” I’m telling you it because your sales letter isn’t working. Selling domains is more of a soft-sell business than a hard-sell business.

Short emails get ready far more than long emails and most sales letters are spam. Think of the last sales letter you got from an SEO company or a web design firm, did you jump for joy at the “opportunity” they kept talking about? No, nobody does. Keep it short and get to the point, don’t sell it, put the feelers out there, if you have to oversell it then you’re selling yourself short, believe in your domains and the value they offer and if someone doesn’t see it, focus on someone who does.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton