is about to cross the $10,000 mark on Go Daddy Auctions

Go Daddy auctions has been one of the main places I look for expired domain names for some time now. Like most domain investors, this means I actually spend a lot more time looking at expired domains, the bidding activity, and prices, than I do buying them. I try to do as much homework as possible when I buy an expired domain – does it potentially infringe on a trademark? What have similar names sold for? When I do a Google search for the keywords in the domain, what do I see?

Every once and a while I find a domain that really seems to take off at auction, and ironically enough this time around it’s which is currently sitting at $9,200 with 117 bids and still over four days left to go.


What makes this auction particularly interesting is that while it has 117 bids, those are coming from only 14 bidders so it has turned into quite the bidding war. This is also a case where everyone is clearly ignoring Go Daddy’s “Estimated Value” since it’s pretty clear this domain is going to sell for more than Go Daddy’s algorithms estimate.

I think this is a solid name myself but I also wonder, for the domain investors bidding in the auction (there’s no way all 14 bidders are end-users), how much room are they giving themselves when it comes to potential ROI?

What do you think? Is still a steal at $10k or is the bidding getting a bit out of control here? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton