Photo Highlights From NamesCon Day 0

Hello from Vegas! Today has been an incredibly busy day with back-to-back meetings spanning pretty much all day. As many of you have heard, NamesCon is officially rocking and even though the show starts tomorrow I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone has flown in from all over the world to be here.

I’ve had a chance to catch-up with Domainers from Australia, England, Germany, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, Boston, New York, Miami, Orlando, Portland, and yes, the list goes on.

While it does seem like just about everyone is here, I know there are still plenty of people out there watching from afar. As usual I want to bring you into the action so thought I’d share some photo highlights of the day before NamesCon starts, or as I’ve decided to call it NamesCon Day 0. Enjoy!

NamesCon Vegas 2014

When we first arrived in Vegas late last night we found a few troublemakers who were still up. You may recognize a few people above like Domain Shane, Braden Pollock, Omar Kubba and Linton Investments’ new VP Matt Bruen.

Morgan Linton - Richard Lau

No need for introductions here, hats off to Richard for making NamesCon happen!

Andrew Rosner

On my way to breakfast this morning I bumped into Andrew Rosner and his daughter, honestly I think this is one of the cutest photos I’ve ever taken, agreed?

.XYZ Party NamesCon 2014

The .XYZ party was a huge hit, as you can see from the photo above the room was completely packed and with free drinks flowing, let’s just say everyone had a blast. While I’d love to share some exciting juicy stories of late-night partying in Vegas as you’ve all learned by now, if you want to experience it, you have to be here!

Stay-tuned, more to come as NamesCon officially kicks-off on Tuesday. While I’ll be hopping around from meeting-to-meeting with my normal insane schedule I’ll try to take a break in the action to share more photos highlights with those of you watching from home.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton