has a snazzy new look and some new TLDs to go along with it

new-park-io-site has been my favorite place to buy expired .IO domains for some time now and recently they did a major UX update and added a number of new ccTLDs like .VC, .MN, .AG and more. While the site started with a focus on .IO, hence the name, they expanded to a few other ccTLDs last year and this year they appear to be doubling down.

While I don’t have much experience with extensions like .GG or .MN this does add a lot of options to the site and makes me think that a name change could be in the future? Just a guess, I don’t know anything that you don’t know.

I’m really impressed with the new UX – it’s very clean, organized, and with it comes some new additions (or at least new to me) like two-factor authentication which is something I turn on everywhere I possibly can.


Not surprisingly .IO is still the first tab followed by .LY, .TO and .ME which I believe have been available on the site since the early days. Along with the new UX and added support for additional ccTLDs is also testing out a new SMS notification feature inspired by a discussion on DomainSherpa.

You can read more about how to try out this new feature on the blog. I think it’s pretty awesome that Mike from was listening to DomainSherpa, heard the sherpas talking about a feature they’d like to see implemented, and then went out and did it. Talk about listening to your customers!

Hats off to Mike (the founder of on all the great upgrades, as an early user and a big fan of the site it’s been fun to watch it grow and progress over the years. When it comes to innovation I can tell you sets a high bar, they implement features fast, are in touch with what domain investors are looking for, and now they have one of the nicest looking domain backorder sites I’ve ever seen. Well done!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton