Optimizing my Efty landing pages – some things I’ve been thinking of trying next year

I’ve been using Efty for quite some time now, and since I started using the platform they’ve added some pretty slick new landing pages. While I wish I could say that I’ve spent time A/B testing different landing pages and organizing the data…I haven’t, so my selection of landing pages has been a lot more based on what I personally like.

In general, when it comes to landing pages, I like simple and approachable, something that when someone gets to it they don’t think, oh no, this is going to be too expensive. I currently use the “Spring” template, here’s what it looks like:


I’ve had some ideas of things I want to try next year and I thought – well there’s a good chance that some of my readers have tried the same thing…so why not share what I’m thinking and hear what other people have tried. So here’s a few things I was thinking of trying next year:

  • Updating the text on my landing pages to be more specific to the domain name itself. Right now I’m just using the default text, it probably makes sense to write content specific to each domain
  • Test out listing BIN prices on (some) of my landing pages to see if this impacts inbound offers and/or sales volume
  • A/B testing different landing pages to see if one tends to perform better than another. To do this I’ll probably pick my top 4 – 5 landing pages and test a different one each month, compare at the end and see if there’s any difference in performance. That being said, a month might be too short of a time period so I’m interested to hear if anyone else has A/B tested landing pages and if so, how long they kept one variation up before changing to another

While there are a few other things I’ve thought about tinkering around with, these are the three main things I thought I’d try out next year.

Now is where you come in – if you use Efty have you tried any of the things I’ve mentioned above? Thanks in advance for sharing!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton