One Domain Search To Rule Them All – DomainTools New Search Product Rocks

You’ve probably heard me talk about DomainTools before. It is without a doubt the tool that I have used the most in my domain business over the years and my premium membership always more than pays for itself every year. If you are a regular DomainTools user then you know that the team over there is constantly adding new features and upgrading existing ones.

Believe it or not DomainTools has already had three major releases in 2014 and my personal favorite is the completely rebuilt Domain Search tool. Here’s a bit about why this tool is so powerful:

Domain Search allows you to search through all domains currently registered in DNS that DomainTools knows about (which is pretty much all of them). This includes 100% of the gTLDs and most of the ccTLD domains worldwide. We also loop in historical search so users can surface all domains that used to be registered as well. This is a very powerful concept. (Source – Domain Tools Blog)

Given the amount of data that DomainTools has it is pretty impressive to see what this tool can do. Here’s a sample running the tool on one of my favorite words out there, “Morgan”:

Domain Tools Domain Search

As you can see, you get a ton of data and as new TLDs come out you can quickly see what’s available either for your own brand or a brand you’re looking to start. I think this tool can be particularly useful for startups looking to re-brand or picking a name for the first time. Being able to quickly see what’s registered and what’s available across every TLD is incredibly useful but it’s a lot of data. This is where I think the DomainTools team really hit it out of the park, even though it’s a ton of data, they’ve made it incredible easy to visualize.

Last but not least, thanks to the DomainTools API you can also easily add this functionality to your own site. You can try the brand-new Domain Search Tool here and as I’ve said many times I highly recommend upgrading to a PRO account, it will pay for itself probably in the first month you use it, or less!

Hat’s off the the whole DomainTools team on another out-of-the-park home run!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton