Obama and Predictive Domaining

Trying to predict the next great domain name is much like looking-into a crystal ball – oftentimes there is little you can do to know what trend is going to come next. We got lucky with StimulusCheck-related domains this year and enjoying some nice growth with domains like BailoutBill.us.

Now that Obama is officially President there are a few things any new domainer can do to try to land their next gold mine. When we registered StimulusChecks.info we never imagined it could make over $100 in it's first month – the market will surprise you and trying to predict a coming trend – could turn a small investment into a large profit!

So what should you look for?

Look at what campaign goals Obama wants to achieve and the timeline for each – which will he move-forward with first? Obama has mentioned doing another round of stimulus checks, tax cuts for 95% of American's, ending the war in Iraq – how can these issues be turned-into domains names?

You need to start thinking like Joe the Plumber's brother, Joe the web surfer. What would your average Joe user be searching for? We had an overwhelming amount of traffic from users searching for "stimuluscheck" and "stimuluschecks" on Google. Never once did we pay for advertising because the traffic was coming to us free of charge – we had predicted a trend, and you can too!

So put on your thinking cap and start trying to figure-out what search terms people might be entering into Google over the next four years – it takes just one great domain name to start!

It's a new day and a new era we are entering – take advantage of this change to tap new markets and enjoy your piece of the pie!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton