Nod – One Gesture Control Ring To Rule Them All

There’s no doubt that we’ll look back fondly on our days using a keyboard and a mouse and remember how things used to be. Smartphones and tablets are just the tip of the iceberg, enter a VR world (wearing some Oculus Goggles) and you’ll want a new way to interact. Heck, your TV is now a computer, what if you really did have one ring to rule them all?

Well now you do thanks to Nod, an $149 ring that really does give you the power to control all of your tech gadgets with a ring. Here’s what it looks like:

Nod Gesture Ring

The idea is simple but very powerful if you look at how many ways this tiny device can be used. With a wave of your hand you can advance to the middle of your favorite Game of Thrones episode on your Smart TV or advance slides during a presentation. Here’s a quick look at the Nod in action:

While you might find it hard to imagine a world without a keyboard and a mouse, isn’t it even harder to imagine a world where something new and different comes along and changes the way we do things?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton