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Hello, happy Monday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. I decided to change the day that I publish this post and move it from Friday to Monday (actually I write the post on Sunday and schedule it for Monday). The reason for the change is that I think many of my readers like to unplug during the weekend so rather than evaluating domains to buy they’d probably rather spend time with family and friends.

Now that it’s Monday you can get a fresh start to the week with five hand-picked domains fresh from Flippa. Ready to rock? Let’s do it!

3 domains with good resale potential – this is the first time I’ve included a .IO domain in this section because in general I don’t think .IO domains have much liquidity. That being said this is a really solid one and given how many APIs there are used to recognize and analyze the human voice I do think this one has good potential. – I love short memorable one-word .COMs and so do a lot of other people. is incredibly broad and could really be used for almost anything, easy to remember, easy to spell, doesn’t get much better. – 15 year-old one word .COM, the only thing that bugs me about this name is that is a better name and I could see people getting confused and going to it instead of this one. Still a very solid name but if you really want to own the brand I’d also buy the singular as well.

1 domain I think has good development potential – there’s no doubt about it, we are still in the early days of wearable devices and with Apple’s watch coming out next year I see this only accelerating faster every single month. If you’re looking at starting either a blog or an eCommerce store in the wearables space this is a great fit that will cost you a lot less than the category killer –

1 domain I like personally but may not have much investment value – this name could have made a good investment however with the .COM, .NET, and .ORG all parked it’s clear to me that there probably aren’t too many buyers for this term. Still I like the name and for anyone building an API to help content go viral this could be a good fit. That being said I wouldn’t expect much resale potential.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton