Next stop Vegas!

I am currently on my flight heading from San Francisco to Vegas for NamesCon. Tomorrow I will be giving a short talk sharing tips for startup founders that are interested in raising their first venture round. NamesCon brings together some of the smartest people in the Internet world, from domain names to crypto to branding and funding, it’s all happening under one roof starting tomorrow.

NamePros, one of the top domain name forums has been doing some great sit down interviews for the last few years and I was honored to be included in the mix last year. On that note, I just got an email from them with my finished video (which I haven’t even watched myself) so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Tonight I’m going to be joining my cousin for some adventures in Vegas, it’s a tradition we did for years but haven’t done in probably eight year so I’m really looking forward to it. So for anyone coming in early I won’t see you tonight but I’ll be at the show starting tomorrow afternoon.

This year I’m really impressed with the new NamesCon app – it has a Facebook-like timeline feature just for people who are going to the conference and it’s been a lot of fun watching everyone share their adventures to Vegas. I’ve been sharing a few “blast from the past” photos on the app but I also wanted to them with all of you so here’s a few for those of you that aren’t able to make it out this year.

Okay, enough blogging, I need to finish my presentation slides, yikes!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton