New Version Of Platform Released Today


Even though I’m currently flying through the air at 35,000 feet doesn’t mean I’m not connected, and that’s a good thing because I just got a great email announcing the updated version of the platform. The new update has:

* Improved sales workflow and user-interface
* Improved negotiation process and CRM for buyer, broker, and owner interactions
* Streamlined checkout process for buyers including credit card transactions with automated broker commissions
* Redirect, disable, and change targeting of individual parked domains in real-time
* Choose your own brokerage, including the in-house brokers at DomainNameSales, to automatically handle your sales leads

I’ve been really enjoying the platform so far, it has saved me a ton of time and makes it easy to manage inbound offers and track them without having to create yet another Excel spreadsheet (no offense Microsoft). I’ve already started playing around with the update and am definitely a happy camper, of course there’s more to come but we’ll have to save that for the big reveal at TRAFFIC.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton