NameSafe Security – Even Easier Than I Thought It Would Be

Okay, I’ll start this post by letting you know that this is not sponsored in any way. As you can see is nowhere to be found on my blog as a sponsor. I’m writing this post purely from a user perspective and as a user that is damn impressed right now. Most of my domains are registered with Go Daddy and Moniker however I do keep few names with Name (no pun intended).

Recently I’ve been looking for ways to increase the security of my domains particularly with some of the higher-value purchases I’ve been making this year. I’ve been using a key fob with Pay Pal for years and definitely like the added protection that it gives. I thought I’d look into’s security services and was excited to see that I could use the exact same key fob that I use with Pay Pal!

Name com Key FOB

Initially I thought I would have to buy a special key fob, which would be fine but a bit annoying to have multiple key fobs. I was totally surprised to find that not only could I use my Pay Pal key fob but this also meant that I didn’t have to pay any additional fees. Literally two minutes later my account was setup with the NameSafe service.

If you’re buying junk or hand-registering domains don’t bother with this extra layer of protection…but if you’re spending hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in domains I think this is a really great security option to have. Of course there are ways around these key fob systems by guessing someone’s security question…but since mine is a complex calculus question (no joke) you’ll need an engineering degree to hack my account.

My one word of advice for anyone setting this up is to not use a question like Mother’s maiden name or favorite vacation spot, people can guess these. Pick something that only you would know. So major props to for giving me a bit more piece of mind, I can tell you that the simplicity of this process has won me over here and with this extra layer of security I feel good having some of my top names with Name (okay, pun intended that time!)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton