My Three Favorite Domaining Blog Posts: Week of 11/29/2009

This week flew by thanks to the Affiliate Convention and hanging out with Bruce! I did get to read a lot of posts in the blogging community this week as most evening Bruce and I were both glued to our computers working on projects and reading what everyone else has to say – that is when we weren’t watching Digital Underground do the Humpty Dance!

I am happy to announce that I do have a banner for any winners that want to brag about their post making it to the top three. Feel free to link back to me if you want but obviously it’s completely up to you. If you don’t win and you post this on your blog be prepared for me to make fun of you for cheating 🙂


There were some great posts this week and as always I’m having trouble picking the top three, but I have to go with only three as always so here they are:

  1. FusibleThe Best Advice for New Domainers with small budgets, Doesn’t Come From Big Time Domainers of the 90s
  2. ElliotsBlogThings I Would Have Done Differently on My GeoDomain Names
  3. DNPimpingDomainers Do You Monitor Your Site For Uptime?
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton