My Three Favorite Domaining Blog Posts: Week of 11/22/2009

This was a short week for most of us as we spent Thursday and Friday with family. I spent most of the week on Australian time so was up until 5AM sleeping until 8AM and then an evening nap from 6PM-8PM. This allowed me to read some blog posts in the 2-3AM timeframe while I tried to convince my body that it was indeed past my bedtime!


So now you’ve either kicked your family out of the house or maybe you’re just taking a break in the action…either way I hope you take a moment to read these three posts!

  1. Chef Patrick – Interview with Michael Berkens – 2009 Domainer Of The Year
  2. The Domains – Our Turkeys Of The Year Awards, 2009 Edition
  3. Predictive Domaining – Cross-linking your own websites

Of course I read plenty of other blogs not related to Domaining so thought I’d start including my favorite article or video from the past week as well. – What Is Your Blogging Vice?

Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton