My Picks For The Sedo .ME Auction Starting May 24th

.ME Domains

For those keeping score, .ME has been having one heck of a 2012 with strong support from major startups and big sales happening every single week. One of the areas where .ME has really shined is mobile where app developers are seeing .ME as a great extension to build their brands on. Given that mobile is probably the fastest-growing industry on the planet, this is a very good sign for .ME and .ME domain owners.

Starting on May 24th .ME will be holding a premium auction on Sedo with some absolutely incredibly domains. There really is no limit to what a one-word .ME can sell for which was very clearly illustrated with the $450,000 sale of, a domain purchased for under $6,000. I will definitely be bidding in the auction this month and while I don’t want to give-away all my favorites I would like to share some of my top picks. – boats are expensive and there are plenty of people that are fanatical about boats. This has great development and end-user potential and would be perfect for an boating-related app. – while we’re on the topic of boats, let’s not forget the cruise industry. I can already see a daily deals site for cruises or a slick app to find a great cruise near you. – nobody likes to be in debt, everyone who is in debt wants to get out of debt. I think this could be one of the names to go for the highest price, and I’ll definitely be one of the bidders. – the education space is big money, this is one of the top category-killers in the entire niche. – I live in LA and love this city as do millions of other people, this would be a great domain for an “Around Me” like app specific to LA. – turn the videos you shot on your smartphone into a rap video with, I can already see it now! – what VC wouldn’t want this for their blog? – we all deal with it, some of us more than others, traffic apps are huge and this would be the perfect name for the next big traffic app.

There are many more great names in this auction. I am writing about this because I think it does truly represent a great opportunity for investors. Think about it, three very savvy Domain Investors bought a .ME domain with each spending less than $2,000, and each walking away with over $100,000. Mobile is hot, .ME is hot, put the two together and there could be some future six-figure sales on this list, and you have a chance to get one for much less in a few weeks!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton