My Most-Read Medium Article of 2015 continues to be one of my favorite sites, it’s also the reason why I read less books but I’m okay with that. What I like about Medium, both as a reader and a writer is its dedication to highlighting truly interesting articles. As a reader this makes it tough to choose just one or two to read, but as a writer it ups the ante and means you have to bring you A-game if you want to really see an article take-off.


Last year I wrote fewer articles than I planned to (nine in total) but I did have one article that really hit it out of the park, What Every Startup Founder Should Know About Buying Domain Names – you can read it here.


Most of my articles have a much higher read ratio and while this article got a ton of traffic (19,000 views) it was a long one so I think that’s why only about a third of people read it all the way through. Still, for me 6,200 reads feels good and definitely proved that I could reach an audience with my writing.


In this article I made a few points that I feel were important to say and I hope brings startup founders and domain investors closer together, one that I plan to carry strongly into 2016 is:

Domainers (or Domain Investors) are not Cybersquatters, they aren’t breaking any laws, and in fact they tend to be the most reasonable when it comes to selling domains since they have so many and understand the market so well.

I can’t make this point enough, and it’s one that I think is starting to make sense more and more. Let’s be honest – domain names aren’t going anywhere, in fact, these are still the early days, and we’re all still trying to learn how to work together. Just like I wouldn’t ask someone to buy their house for the price they paid in 1950, it will make less and less sense to ask someone for a domain name at the same price they paid in the 90’s.

Tomorrow I will be publishing my first Medium article of 2016, stay-tuned!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton