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In case you don’t already know I’m not just crazy about Domaining, I’m also a technology fanatic. In particular I have fully embraced every technology that helps you watch TV or Movies in your home without relying on a satellite or cable provider. I started using Joost soon-after it was first announced as an alpha tester and I run Boxee and XMBC on my AppleTV.

When I’m reading news online I usually read about three different things, Domaining, Personal Finance and Investing, and Gadgets. I absolutely love writing and find I’ve got more to say than the average person would want to listen to! It has been a goal of mine to have a blog for each my three passions and is the next step in my blogging career.

So what am I going to be talking about on To start with, I’m teaching people all of the cool things that I read about on a daily basis – the latest and greatest gadgets and software that make it easy to watch content on-demand in your house. Since I’ve had some fun hacking Apple TV I’ve also got some great videos up already about how you can do this yourself!

I was thinking of doing some videos for TVTech – something along the lines of “Pimp Your TV” – and yes Jason from DNPimping would of course be involved! TV technology is advancing quickly and pretty soon all new televisions will have an Ethernet port on the back – this is where the content will come from.

If you think about it, it’s pretty archaic that we still have to have people come-into our homes and run coaxial cable to a box in order to get television at home. It’s 2009 – Ethernet isn’t even a new technology but coax is ancient and whether you use Satellite or Cable coax is responsible for bringing the content to your home!

So if you want to learn more about the latest television technologies come on over to and say hello to the newest member of my blogging family!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton