My Initial Thoughts On The New Google Adwords Keyword Tool

As you probably know – the Google Adwords keywords tool is a part of my everyday life. Well today I noticed a post on about a new version of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Initially I was elated – who knows what kind of cool stuff Google could add to this tool…only from what I can tell there really isn’t much new at all except for the look-and-feel. In fact this brings back bad memories of upgrading from Windows 98 to ME only to find-out that ME was exactly the same but not as efficient.

The beta for the new Adwords Keyword Tool might not be the final version but what I have seen so far makes it look like most of the changes are to the interface and not the functionality – come on Google – you’re Google – give us something cool!

Feel free to click on the image above to see a larger version of the new keyword tool. For some reason they have categories listed on the side…not sure why you would want this on the side of the screen for every search you do but on it’s own I can understand how it could be useful. Still – it would be nice if it went-away after you did a search.

The new column customization feature is definitely a nice improvement and a big step in the right direction. With the previous version if I wanted to add four new columns I had to open a drop-down menu four separate times, waiting for the page to refresh between additions. Now you can simply check-off the columns you’d like to add as well as organize them as you would like.

Another neat feature is the ability to view by multiple match-types together. This means that rather than only viewing Broad, or Phrase or Exact, you can now look at the aggregate of these options together.  I’m not sure what value I could get from seeing Broad+Exact or Exact+Phrase but I’m certainly going to experiment around more and see how this might help me even more in my endless quest for passive income 🙂

So what’s my final thoughts here? Well – I hate to judge a book by its cover so for now I’ll say that I am mildly impressed but frankly from Google I expected more. As I play with this more I’ll continue to report my findings. I always keep an open mind so hopefully I find some more pleasant surprises in this beta.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton