My Domain Sales Strategy for 2010

Every year I try to look at my business and find ways I can fine-tune what I’m doing to produce more revenue. At the end of a day it can be easy to get wrapped-up in the long-term goals of your business and stop focusing on your bottom-line. As a business owner you absolutely have to ask yourself one question every single day – “What I am doing today to generate revenue for my business.”

If your day consists of searching drop-lists, reading blog posts, and chatting on a forum with your Domaining buddies you are doing interesting things…but are they really generating revenue? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these activities but you should make sure that at least one part of your day is directly focused on revenue-generating activities.

Last year my business just about doubled year-over-year. In one of the worst economies since the great depression I feel very fortunate…but I’m always looking forward and finding ways to grow my business even more with each coming year. Last year I focused on doing more with less and that trend is continuing strongly into 2010.

So what’s my sales strategy for this year? Last year I focused on selling many domains through a number of different channels – while this is a great way to get your names in front of a large group of people…the time and energy spent on each domain is minimal. This year I have a different, more focused and targeted strategy.

Here is how I plan to sell my domains in 2010:

  • Pick no more than 36 domains I wish to sell this year
  • Focus on selling 3-4 domains per month
  • Sell each domain through a different channel – i.e. one domain promoted directly to end-users, one through a platform like SnapNames, one through a forum, and one through a brokerage newsletter like Rick Latona’s

I am hoping this strategy will help me focus more on each individual domain sale as well as help me match each individual domain to a complimentary sales channel. Now I bet you’d like to know what domains I’m selling this month so here they are: – Selling through Rick Latona’s brokerage email – Selling through DNForum – End-User

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton