My 600th Post! Thanking YOU – My Readers!

That’s right – this is my 600th post. I started my blog back in October of 2007 and honestly never thought that it would become a part of my daily life – but it has and I couldn’t have asked for more. Oftentimes when a blogger reaches a particular milestone they go through their favorite posts – as you know I like to do things differently so instead I’ll be highlighting my favorite comments over the last 599 posts.

So why am I highlighting my comments and not my posts? That’s an easy one – because I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for YOU my readers! I read every single comment that is written on my blog and seeing the positive response to my posts makes me confident I’ll be blogging for years to come.

Now it was hard to pick my favorite comments but I did my best to pick some of my favorites from over the years…thank you – my readers – for making my blog what it is today. My blog has become an integral part of my life and I couldn’t have done it without you!

11/28/2007 Adam Gross (
“This is a great, thought-provoking series of posts. As director of marketplace products for NameMedia, owners of and, I have been keenly following this series…”

12/10/2007 – Francois (
Congrats, it’s a nicer layout.

But you should look at the new layout with a screen having high resolution.
It look likes there are some minor bugs:
I see in the homepage the menu fall down.
In an inner page, a bottom line is not centered as the rest of content but scotched at left.

By the way I took the time to read a little your blog and now I understand what you mean by the term “flipping a domain”:
It’s improve his design so it becomes more appealing to buyers (and probably also to search engines and site visitors).”

3/2/2008 – Dey (
“Hey Morgan!
Another great post! Your most recent posts have really been enlightening for me as a domainerrookie. The information is timely, and will prove very useful for me. Also, thanks for the TrafficZ recommendation. Thanks again, Dey”

4/13/2008 – David Castello (
“Excellent post.”

7/14/2008 – Marcus (
“I’m always interested in your domain flipping projects, they inspire me to keep going with mine, thanks.”

7/12/2008 – Kevin
“Hey, just started reading your blog. I’ve subscribed and definitely will keep reading so keep up the great articles 🙂“

12/28/2008 – Kwame (
“Thanks for the encouraging advice. Great way to start the New Year. I have been looking more into developing the domains I have and I am constantly looking for great info, Thanks again.”

2/23/2009 – Johan (
“Hey Morgan,nice example of a weill structured mini-site. I like your comparison to the stock market when thinking about domain investment, something I do myself. But why do stocks when you can buy and develop domains and make money while you sleep.”

2/25/2009 – Chaunna Brooke (
“Good explanation. To succeed in domaining, you really got to invest brilliant strategies like the tips you have just cited here. Thanks for sharing this info.”

1/26/2009 – Chef Patrick (
“Good job…video is the way to go. It is a great way to interact with readers. I’ve been doing some video on my site and it is certainly fun 🙂 I use, their quality of online video is the best.”

2/16/2009 – Mike Cohen (
“The new design looks much better — I like it 🙂
Good job with it.
All the best,

3/6/2009 – Jarred (
“Congrats again Morgan, we’re very grateful for the kind words and we’re really happy you enjoyed the entire Bido experience. Wish you the best with your new domain and it will be nice for us to watch it grow and see it give you a return on your investment. Each domain is something special, tells a story, we’re happy you were a part of this one. We’re subscribed to your newsletter now and will be following along to read about your updates. Thanks again for the kind words, it means a lot to us. And thanks for being a part of our story as well.”

3/30/2009 – Kevin (
“Well said!

It always amazes me how some so-called domain “experts” just simply don’t have a clue.

It is good is really a good thing to see domainers getting wise and being wary of new domain extensions, but as you have so eloquently pointed out, the .tel extension is barely a domain name.”

6/13/2009 – Leonard Britt (
“I always enjoy reading your posts as they normally contain quite usefull insight into the development process. I recently started developing some of my domains and realize I need to study the topic of SEO more closely. If your site isn’t on the first two pages of Google or Yahoo for some search phrase, forget about organic traffic! Anyway, I look forward to future posts…”

6/24/2009 – Rick Schwartz (
“After 20 plus years I went from PC to Mac this year because of the iPhone that i love and can’t live without. Blackberry users, you have no idea what you are missing.

Back to the point. I have been won over by Mac and all I can say is……I am not worthy! I could easily NOW describe myself as a “Mac Fanatic.” I love their machines, I love their support. I love their “Glue.”

My prediction is that because of the iPhone, the Mac market will grow from their 6%-8% to over 25%. That is the story over the next few years as I see it.

The support alone is worth the price. Call Dell, call Sony, they NEVER really care about fixing your problem. Their main motive is to get rid of the call. Apple has a completely different mindset. They are in no rush. Their only job in life is to make sure your problem is fixed or there is a solution underway once you hang up the phone.

And, the bottom line, go to the mall. The other stores are empty. Apple is always packed and it is vibrant and exciting. You want to buy stuff!!”

7/23/2009 – Mark Fulton (
“I’m totally in on this! Sounds fun. Great idea Morgan.  I’m curious to hear more details, will check back this weekend.”

8/4/2009 – D.L. (
“Hi Morgan!
Thanks for sharing your very interesting domain story, and congratulations on your domaining success to date. I been reading your blog since I found it in 2007 when I started domaining, and have always enjoyed your posts. Keep up the good work.”

8/16/2009 – Jamie Parks (
“Straightforward, no nonsense advice. Explore the three tools that Morgan has outlined here and watch your level of success gradually elevate.

Better understanding your domain investments will enable you to minimize risk and make more profitable returns.

Excellent piece Mr. Linton!”

9/1/2009 – Jason (
“You are taking domaining to an entirely new level. This is something that our industry needs. Glad to see that you are taking such a leap. Keep up the great energy!”

8/31/2009 – Bruce Marler (
“Wow, now anyone that thought they had a cool office just got knocked down:) I gotta say never thought i would see a pseudo-television studio in a domain bloggers office.”

9/19/2009 – Donald (
“I love it. I am always one of your biggest fans.”

10/2/2009 – Mike (
“I like this. Focused, brief and effective. It’s tough to stay on that path when you actually do get a hold of the person you are trying to speak with but this post should give you/us lots of inspiration. Good advice with targeting the ‘google ad specialist’ when cold calling. Thanks Morgan!”

10/14/2009 – Francis (
“Thank you Morgan for the insights, I’ve really learned a lot from you.”

11/26/2009 – Ian (
Thank you for sharing your plans, this is a very motivating post. What really stands out to me the most is that you’re sharing your game plan openly from the beginning. This takes a lot of courage in the sense that you’re putting yourself on the line. In my opinion, this is a great approach and I cannot see anything but success for your new endeavor. Looking forward to seeing become a tremendous success!
All the best,

12/8/2009 – Daniel Dryzek (
“Good definition! I AGREE. Domaining is a broad concept and it includes domain development. Domain trading would be focusing only on re-selling domain names.”

4/22/2009 – Jim Holleran (

You make this industry a better place. I am so impressed on what you have done in such a short period of time. I wish you were around in 1998 when I got started than I would not of screwed so many things up:)

Thanks, Jim”

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton