My 3 Favorite VC Blogs

Over the last five years more and more Venture Capitalists have given entrepreneurs a window into their world through their own personal blogs. I’m pretty sure Fred Wilson takes the cake for starting this trend and now it’s easier than ever to know what a certain VC thinks about a topic because there’s a good chance they’ve covered it on their blog.

As a kid I used to be an avid reader, I would sometimes read entire books in one sitting (Snowcrash is still my all-time favorite). Now I still read a ton but I find that 90% of what I read is blog posts and given that I’m a first-time startup founder, most of the blog posts I read are about the issues we face as we grow our startup.

I think it’s safe to say I read about ten blogs in total but there are three that I read every single time a new post hits the interwebs. Yesterday I was talking to another founder about some of my favorite blogs and here they are:


1. AVC – I have to give Fred Wilson credit with really getting me excited about the startup space. I’ve been reading his blog since the very early days and it was a blog post about Lean Startup Machine that inspired me to fly to New York in the summer of 2011 and start the amazing startup journey that we find ourselves on today. Fred covers common issues that founders face along with solid analysis of current industry news and events.

Both Sides Of The Table

2. Bothsides Of The Table – Mark Suster’s blog is very aptly named since he has been both an entrepreneur and an investor. Mark is able to share a unique perspective on being an entrepreneur and has done a great job of organizing Startup Lessons that are pure gold. If you haven’t read Mark’s blog you can quickly play catch-up as he’s done a great job of organizing his posts by categories so you can dive in and read what is the most relevant to you and your startup now.

Hunter Walk Blog

3. Hunter Walk – one of the newest entrants into the VC blogging world is also one of my new favorites. Hunter is a VC at Homebrew, a relatively new seed stage VC firm in San Francisco. Hunter has a great writing style and really does a good job of covering the qualities that go into making a great startup team. It’s clear Hunter really cares about people and shares solid advice from his daily dealings with some of the best and brightest.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton