Must-Watch Video: Top 7 Domain Investment Myths

As many of you know I have been a big proponent of dispelling all of the smoke and mirrors that surround the Domain Investing world. I cringe every time I hear someone say this is an easy industry to get started in that takes less than $10 to make your first investment. The problem is there are so many people trying to make money selling education products that tell you how easy Domaining is when they aren’t doing it themselves.

In the past I’ve even outed a few companies that I think have crossed the line and need to be on people’s radars. Too often people look at this industry and say “I have some spare time, I could do that!” 95% of the time those people burn through thousands of dollars registering worthless domains and then wondering why they aren’t making any money.

One Domain Investor that I’ve always felt does a great job presenting the industry in a very open and honest way is Simon from Domainer Income. Simon is one of the most humble people you will ever meet, he has seen phenomenal success in the domain world but still keeps his focus on helping new investors navigate the domain world.

Simon recently released what I think is one of the best videos about domain investments myths that has ever been made. I don’t often share videos on my blog but this video is a must-watch and given that you’ve got two days off ahead of you I thought this would be a great time to dive-in and watch it.

Huge thanks to Simon for making this video, I hope people watch this for years to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton