Must Read – What Makes a Domain Sellable

Rick Latona just wrote an excellent post on his blog. This is a must read for anyone in the domain industry and has a lot of great points for domain flippers.

Very interesting comments on TLD’s:

"The .com is still the undisputed king but great cctlds can sell well, especially and .de names. In fact, I’m buying if you want to send me some. Just don’t send me .mobi names. They aren’t sellable dispite the sales reports. I firmly believe they are in a bubble and I’m not going to be stuck holding the bag."

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One thing is for sure. Rick has one of the top newsletters in the domain industry and sells some of the hottest domains out there. If you haven’t subscribed to his newsletter – make sure you do. Even if you don’t buy any domains you can still learn a lot about what makes a domain valuable.

It’s a rainy May night here in Boston – time to flip another domain, stay posted for a new release on Sunday.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton