Flip of the Month: HotelCritic.us

So I’ve decided to try something different with the Flip of the Month this month. Last month I provided a site in its early flipping stage. This month I’ve decided to provide a domain name with very high flip potential – HotelCritic.us. This domain has very high potential as a forum, blog, directory site – you name it, this has great name recognition and lots of potential.

I have also decided to change the format for Flip of the Month. Rather than providing a site that is already flipped I am going to provide a domain name that is ready to be flipped but needs someone to develop something great on it! To make this offer different from any other domain you buy online I am including a one hour consultation session. My company, Linton Investments usually charges $150/hour for this but I decided to include this with my "Flip of the Month" going forward.

My thought is that this will help those new to Domain Flipping create valuable websites without having to learn from the usual mistakes we all make when trying something new. With a one hour consultation you can go over exactly what you want to do for the site and learn how to get maximum exposure for your domain as well as how to create a website that will monetize visitors quickly and keep them coming-back.

I have decided to start this one at very low price – $500 with the $150 consultation included for free. For anyone with an existing domain that would like to purchase a domain flipping consultation session you can contact me at: morgan@thedomainflipper.com.

I hope the Flip of the Month can help new domain investors create valuable assets rather than resorting to parked pages. 2008 is a year of change – domaining should no longer be thought of as domain parking, but instead as domain investing! As always – the purpose of this blog is to educate so I hope the Flip of the Month can become a great educational tool. Happy Flipping!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton