Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,

Morgan's Flippa Five

In 2015 the domain name world has moved from a relatively unknown industry to a real, global investment market. I think when we look back we’ll remember 2015 as the year that domain names became a recognized asset class.

Of course with these big moves also comes big changes. Keyword domains are great but short wins and numbers are on fire. So you’ll also notice my Flippa Five’s changing to reflect changes in the market. If you don’t want to change you don’t have to, but know that we are moving into different times which means changing your strategy to align yourself with the buyers.

Okay, enough from me, let’s get to the five domains I hand-selected this week: – sure, there’s a “U” at the beginning but it’s still a three character .COM domain which means it has real liquidity and all signs point to that liquidity price going nowhere but up – solid four character .COM, the nice thing about a name like this is that it has value as both a keyword domain or just purely for the value of its letters in a 4L .COM. – currently at $45,100 and there is no reserve. This will be an interesting one to watch as it will likely serve as a benchmark for future sales. – I talked about this name a couple of weeks ago. OLED is a popular television technology that still hasn’t taken off yet, also a 4L .COM so you really can’t lose either way. – I’m not as excited about two-word .COMs as I used to be, but sometimes one comes along that catches my eye. This is one of those, just know that you’re dealing with a niche market so this domain doesn’t have great liquidity.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton