Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to my Flippa Five. I have to say that this week Flippa has some of the best domains they’ve had all year so it was tough to narrow it down to just five. That being said I do think there are some truly exceptional names in my Flippa Five this week – enjoy!

3 Domains with good resale potential – incredibly solid one-word .COM, not sure you’d want to jump in the ring with Uber and Lyft but this would be a great brand for a ride-share app. – another nice one-word .COM, a lot of different ways this could be used, just remember is definitely the strongest term but there are still a lot of uses for this name. – awesome name for anything in the GPS space, I’d also want to get to go along with it since I could see people easily getting these two confused.

1 Domain I think has good development potential – review sites have some good built-in revenue potential when they are in a niche that affiliate programs tend to support. There is an affiliate program for just about every antivirus company out there and couple this with some solid review content and this could be a great site for someone.

1 domain I like personally but may not have much investment value – I’m usually not a big fan of brandables that end in .ly but for some reason I like this one. I can’t see it having any resale value and if you did decide to use it for your business I’d make sure to get as well or be prepared to lose some traffic.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton