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Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five! I hope you all had a great week, enjoy my five picks for this week below:

3 Domains with good resale potential – I’m not usually a big .NET guy but the online backup space is huge and has a lot of players. This is a nice name that is easy to remember and instantly tells you what the business does, passes the billboard and radio test with flying colors! – let’s be honest, this is a monster name. I could easily see this selling in the six-figure range some day, if someone can nab it in the five-figure range I think there is definitely good resale potential, just don’t expect it to be a quick flip, big names like this definitely take longer to move. – this is the first time I’ve seen this name on Flippa, the education space is very hot in the affiliate/lead gen world, definitely resale potential but important to keep an eye on the price to make sure you’re still buying at wholesale.

1 Domain I think has good development potential – it’s no secret that the theme market is exploding. Whether it’s WordPress themes, Drupal themes, Magento themes, you name it, there are usually affiliate programs behind them that allow you to make money when you send someone their way. In the hands of the right developer this could be a nice little money-maker.

1 domain I like personally but may not have much investment value – I’m pretty sure this would be tough to resell, and I’m not sure there’s a lot of money in snow removal lead gen (but I could be wrong). I just like this name because I know the search volume for this term must go up starting in a few weeks and if someone does know how to monetize these leads, this site probably has some nice (but not huge) type-in traffic to get you started.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton