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Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa five. In case you missed last week’s post I’ve changed things around from the “Flippa Friday” I’ve been doing for some time now and have now decided to stick with five picks in three different categories. If you want to read more about this new weekly feature your can read about it here.

3 Domains with good resale potential – very brandable, easy to remember .COM that works across a number of different verticals. I could see this as a great name for an ad tech company to rebrand to but there are many other niches that a name like this could apply to. – well I’m in Canada right now so it felt like it might not be a bad idea to throw a .CA domain into the mix. I’m not usually very bullish on ccTLDs but .CA has seen solid sales over the years and this is a good one that already has existing traffic. – originally registered in 1996 this is without a doubt one of the largest categories in the restaurant space. Great for anyone running a directory or a Yelp-type service that wants to get some more type-in traffic for this term.

1 Domain I think has good development potential – the stock market isn’t going anywhere, but there are definitely plenty of people getting started buying stocks online every single day. This could make a great lead gen/affiliate site with a ton of products and services available to sell. The domain was registered in 1998 which doesn’t hurt when it comes to getting this ranked for related terms.

1 domain I like personally but may not have much investment value – while I think this name is going to be a tough one to sell, in the hands of a good team building a product in the online tutoring space this could make a great brand. I’d just make sure to pick up or you might lose quite a bit of traffic to it.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton