Live Friday At 6:00 PM PST – Win Beer During The Lightning Round!

I am excited to announce that the next episode of will be airing live tomorrow at 6:00PM PST. Below is the International Broadcast Schedule so you can easily look-up what time the show is on in your neck of the woods, or the globe!


This is most likely going to be my best show yet now that I’ve upgraded my Internet connection and added a dedicated computer just for the show. Along with the Domaining Lightning Round I’ll also be doing a special prize give-away on tomorrow’s show.

Whoever submits the domain with the highest search volume will win two beers this weekend at any venue of their choice. All you have to do is send me a photo of the receipt with the amount and date and I’ll Pay Pal you the money.

That’s right – I could help contribute to your weekend debauchery, can’t find that on network television! So get your domains ready now because if one of your names happens to have highest search volume tomorrow you’ll have an extra beer or two on me this weekend! Of course you have to be the owner on the WHOIS of the domain you submit so no cheating folks.

Below is a video I made announcing the promo. Please excuse the video quality – I shot this on my iPhone 4 so I could quickly upload it! If you’re a fan of Tiger Beer you’ll especially like this video!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton