Castello Brothers Continue to Innovate with

I received an update from the Castello Brothers this week that they had launched a country radio station on To do this they’ve partnered with who had this to say about the partnership:

“We couldn’t have asked for a better partner and Internet brand to promote Country music than,” said Joey Flores, CEO of “Since announcing our partnership with, we’ve literally been inundated with hundreds of submissions from Country music artists around the world.”

This is such an incredible example of how treating a domain like a business can really pay-off. Notice how the CEO of calls an Internet brand. Think of your own sites, how many of them would you really consider a brand? The Castello Brothers have done an absolutely amazing job taking category-killer names beyond parking and turning them into real brands.

With this represents a very exciting expansion and notable innovation in the brand development space. The Castello Brothers realized from the very beginning that having a brand online meant having more than a website, it meant actually running a business with the domain name. Look at names like and you’ll see it’s much more than a website, it is the online resource for everything whisky, and of course the list goes on because the Castello Brothers have a lot of stellar names.

While so many of us have been chasing the impossible dream of developing every single one of our names the Castello Brothers have been busy building brands and businesses online. I’ve been working hard to turn into a strong brand this year and seeing things like this from the Castello Brothers is just more inspiration!

I’d like to congratulate Michael and David for putting-together this deal and continuing to build this incredible online brand. Now it’s time to ask yourself this question – which of my own domains would make a good brand? Now I’m not asking which ten or twenty or one-hundred names you want to develop, I’m asking out of all your domains which one really would be the strongest brand. Now focus only on this one, stop trying to find a solution for all your domains and instead focus on turning each domain into a real, credible, online brand.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton