readers – join me on Discord, take two!

Back in July I created a Discord channel for my blog as a way to communicate with my blog readers in realtime. It was pretty neat, within an hour I was already having a conversation with one of my readers and soon more people joined. Then I got busy, traveled a bunch, and started getting emails that people couldn’t join the Discord server because the link had expired.


So that’s one way to learn how to not setup a Discord server properly. Which leads to this post and my second attempt at getting things rocking. First things first, if you want to join, please use the link below – it never expires 🙂

Second, I realized that if I’m going to have a Discord server, I probably need to set aside some time each week to actually be on there to chat with. Logging on randomly doesn’t make much sense since we’d all have to somehow have some kind of sixth sense when other people would be there.

I’ll be putting together a schedule shortly and posting it on the blog. If you were waiting to get onto the server and couldn’t because the link expired, just click on the link above and you should be ready to rock. Looking forward to talking with more of you soon, stay-tuned for the schedule!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton