Morgan Monday’s – from Fathers Day in Berkeley to meetings in NYC

Hello from New York City, as I write this I just got to my hotel room, it is after midnight and I have a meeting first thing in the morning so I’m actually going to keep this short this time. One thing that you don’t think about when you start a company is the amount of time you’re going to be on the road.

From meeting with clients, to meeting with investors, to meeting with partners, I travel a lot and it means that for the last six years I’ve spent about six-months at home and six-months on the road. That being said, when I worked for Sonos I traveled about 80% of the time so in comparison this actually means a little less travel for me.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and my Dad and I went to one of our all time favorite breakfast spots in Berkeley, Fat Apples, and then went for a walk in Live Oak Park.


My Dad has been getting really interested in Japan over the last few years and he actually visits every year now. Through his travels there he’s also been getting deeper into Zen and in particular a famous Zen Master named Dogen. I wanted to get my Dad about about Zen that hopefully included Dogen, but I knew he had a ton of books already so had to find one that I thought might have not already found its way into his collection.

I really lucked out when I walked into one of my all time favorite bookstores, Pegasus, and found – It Came from Beyond Zen! It was the cover that caught my attention:


I decided to read it with my Dad so picked up a copy on Audible and started in on my journey to NYC today. If you want to read it with us – here’s a handy link to it on Amazon.

This week I have one of the busiest meetings schedules that I have ever had in NYC with five meetings tomorrow and four on Wednesday. It’s going to be exhausting and exciting all at the same time. Then on Thursday I fly back to San Francisco and then head to Mendocino Friday night for a backpacking adventure with two of my close friends from High School.

It has been a blast getting back into backpacking and we’re going to do a pretty serious hike this weekend so it’s definitely going to be an adventure. There’s a good chance this will end up being the topic of next week’s Morgan Monday’s so I’ll leave it at that for now.

I hope you all had a great weekend and for all the Dads out there who read my blog I hope you had a great Father’s Day. TGIM!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton