Morgan’s 2011 Holiday Reflections & Domainers That Changed My Life – Part 2

I hope that everyone had a great XMas and is still enjoying time with family and friends! Well my first post was a bit rushed since I was writing it right before we were leaving for my first of three family present exchanges…so I realized I needed a part two.

I feel so lucky to have so many people that have gone out of their way to help me in this industry and I just can’t fit it all in one post! So here it is – part two:

Braden Pollock
I met Braden at the Laguna Beach Domainer MeetUp and was immediately blown-away by the business he has built. What really impressed me about Braden was that he was talking about business first, and domains second. Braden has been able to bridge the gap between brick and mortar businesses, domains, and lead generation. Between Braden and the Castello Brothers I really started thinking about my domains differently this year. Thank you Braden for all the great advice, patience, and enthusiasm – I can already tell you 2011 is going to be a big year for Braden!

Howard Neu
At my first TRAFFIC show this year Howard was another one of those Domaining legends I was excited and nervous to meet. Howard made me feel at home immediately and even took time to be on Domainvestors Television and give some great backstory on how the show got started. Howard launched a great blog this year that I read daily. Howard has made so many contributions to the space and all because he’s a really nice guy who cares about this industry. I have looked up to Howard for years and after meeting him know more than ever that it’s people like Howard that make me so proud to be a Domainer!

Ray Neu
I think Ray was the second person that Chef Patrick introduced me to at TRAFFIC after Jodi. My first thought was, “holy crap – it’s Ray Neu, I’ve heard all about him, I can’t believe I’m meeting him, what do I say?” Yes – I already admitted it, I was nervous to meet these guys, after reading about them online for years it’s a bit like meeting a movie star. Well for those who know Ray you know that he probably is on a very short list of the nicest people in the world. Ray made me feel at home in Vegas, Vancouver, and Ireland. I’ve really had the chance to get to know Ray and always am interested to hear his perspective and thoughts on the space. Ray goes out of his way to help people, not to get something in return but because that’s who Ray is. With two great parents like Howard and Barbara it’s no surprise that Ray is such an awesome guy!

Barbara Neu
I met Barbara at breakfast the first day of TRAFFIC Vegas with Rick, Howard and Ron. For the rest of the show Barbara was introducing me to people left and right was a visible fan of my video interviews. Like Howard and Ray she made me feel at home and from day one I felt like I was a part of something. I really want to thank the whole Neu family – all three of you made a major impact on me this year and I am very grateful for the kindness you showed me!

Steven Kaziyev
What can I say about Steven K? He is definitely one of the most personable guys in the industry. Steve and I connected-up earlier this year and since our first meeting he’s been one of my good buddies. Steve is definitely one of the funniest guys I know as well as one of the most genuine open and honest people. Steve tells it like it is, he knows a good name when he sees one and isn’t afraid to make that winning bid. I think I still have a lot to learn from Steve and it’s been a blast getting to know him so far!

Steven Attila
When I went to Hong Kong this year Steven reached-out to me to meet for lunch in Hong Kong. Steven took a train from mainland China to Hong Kong to meet me for lunch and after a few minutes of talking I knew this was just the beginning. Steven thinks big and isn’t afraid to take risks, he’s a great businessperson and I can’t wait to visit him in Asia next year!

Edmon Chung
I met Edmon at DOMAINfest and interviewed him for Domainvestors television. I didn’t know much about him before the interview but once it was done I was really impressed. Edmon is a man on a mission and he accomplishes everything he sets his mind to. Like most successful people Edmon is one of the hardest working people I know and has done an incredible job of building-up the .Asia registry along with pioneering IDNs. This year Edmon gave me the opportunity to visit them in Hong Kong and it was an absolutely incredible trip. .Asia is already doing big things and with Edmon at the helm I can promise you 2011 will be a record year for them!

Pavan Budhrani
I met Pavan on the first day of my Hong Kong trip in February. Pavan is one of the most positive and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. He gave me a tour-du-force of Hong Kong and introduced me to one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, something with shaved coconut ice and strawberry’s…still can’t find it here in the US. Pavan also introduced me to the movie IP Man which inspired Daina and I to start taking Wing Chun Kung Fu in LA. Thanks Pavan for making my trip so great and come to LA so I can return the favor!

Okay – my computer is dying so this will have to be the end of Part 2…something tells me I’ll be putting together a part three. Thanks to everyone above, you made this year incredible and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my friendships with all of you!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton