Monday Morning Walks With Morgan: Episode 7, an evening walk in San Francisco

Well this morning proved to be too busy for me to get out and go for a walk, but I didn’t want to miss another Monday so I decided to bring all of you along for an evening walk.

My plan was to memorize and cover five stories and during the video and I thought I only covered four…but I actually did end up covering five. So you can ignore the part of the video where I say I forgot a story, because I really just forgot that I had already covered four stories. Proof that I seem to be a bit sharper in the mornings!

Enjoy and know that a new, stabilized Go Pro camera will be coming up in the very near future.

Stories referenced in this week’s walk:

  1. Generic dictionary domains can be trademarked (Domain Incite)
  2. .SITE passes the 1M registration mark (DNJournal)
  3. Andrew Hazen buys (Domain Name Wire)
  4. Buying domains with backlinks doesn’t give you the juice you’re looking for (Strategic Revenue)
  5. Rick Schwartz Announces Asheville Domainer MeetUp in August (Rick’s Blog)
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton