Mailplane Makes gMail Shine On The Mac

I have been on a quest for a good email client for the Mac for, well, probably around fifteen years now. For a small moment in time life was good, Sparrow was rocking and the Mac finally had an email client I wanted to use. Then good old Google bought Sparrow and decided to stop innovating and like that I was back to browser-based email.

While I’ve been getting by with Mail for the Mac the lack of an “Archive” button is painful. Today I heard about a brand-new version of an old favorite, Mailplane and it’s pretty slick.


Mailplane is essentially a MacOS X native app that allows your to run multiple gMail accounts all from one screen. For anyone with more than two email accounts (like me!) you know how annoying using the browser can be to manage your mail.

The only downside to Mailplane is that is uses the exact-same browser-based gMail service so if you’re looking for that nice, clean format that both Mail and Sparrow offer you probably won’t be a fan. I started using it today and I’ll see how long I go with it before moving onto a different option…oh wait, there aren’t any options.

Isn’t it crazy that in 2013 there still isn’t a go-to email client for the Mac and the only company that makes a Word processor that anyone uses is Microsoft? If you’ve used Mailplane or you try it out please feel free to share your experience below. I don’t see it as a giant leap forward but it sure beats trying to manage multiple gMail accounts in browser tabs.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton