.COM Has The Most Registered Domains At Over 107 Million, Do You Know Who Is In 2nd Place? Hint: It’s Not .NET or .ORG

Today DomainTools released a very interesting report detailing the number of registrations in each TLD. Not surprisingly .COM is in first place with over 107 million registrations to date. DomainTools has every single one of these in their database, and yes, this is a lot of data to keep track of.

Here’s the million dollar question, do you know what TLD has the 2nd most registrations? While most people would say .NET or .ORG, most people would be wrong.

In fact the 2nd most registered TLD is .TK with 16.7 million registrations. Why does .TK have so many darn registrations? Well they have a bit of an edge since they give their domains away for free. That’s right, you can go register a .TK domain right now and you won’t pay a penny, in fact their slogan is “Free Domains For All”.

After .TK comes .NET and .ORG right? Nope, .DE is in 3rd place with 15.5 million registrations and then finally good old .NET makes the cut with 4th place.

It is no easy task to keep track of all this data and DomainTools works incredibly hard to keep track it and provide historical records and many more tools that you really can’t find anywhere else. The Brand Monitor tool is one of my personal favorites – it will look after your brand in over 100 ccTLDs.

Domain Tools Brand Monitor

Now I just shared the top four TLDs by volume to see the full report of the top 25 TLDs by volume make sure to check-out the DomainTools Blog.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton