Let's hear it for .net!

For those entrenched in the TLD-game like myself it is always exciting to see when something other than .com makes the big boards. That's exactly what happened at the TRAFFIC conference this year care of Rick Latona.

Lisbon(dot)net took the number five spot out of the myriad of domain names sold by Rick Latona at the TRAFFIC conference in New York. Selling for $32,000 and beating-out some great .com's such as PER.com, LotteryNumbers.com and Spreadsheets.com to name a few.

What does this mean for the domaining world? Well, many of you might be reading this and say – "so what, there are high-value .net sales all the time." That being said, at a conference where so many domains are available for auction – seeing a .net in the top five is a pretty good sign for the TLD.

I can clearly remember about a year ago when I got into a long discussion with a fellow domainer who strongly believed that .com was the only TLD worth owning and .net and .org were going to be without value in the coming years. As a self-proclaimed TLD optimist I am happy to say that I've built-up the Linton Investments portfolio with some excellent .net, .org, .us, .info, and yes .mobi names.

Now I know everyone thinks .mobi is dead. With the iPhone and other similar devices coming-out so quickly the mobile web is dead…right? I tend to disagree – as a flipper I focus on strong keyword domain names. Remember, you can have a .info that ranks #1 in Google – above the .com's and .net's if you have a website that rightfully earns the spot. At the end of the day I strongly believe that it will be keyword ownership that is important and TLD as a secondary issue.

So come one, come all because as far as I'm concerned the domain name gold rush has not yet begun!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton