Let’s be honest, what’s the chance that all the new domain extensions fail?


I’ll start this post by saying I’m a huge fan of .COM, most of my investment dollars go into .COM and when anyone asks me what to invest in now I tell them .COM. That being said, I hear a lot of people saying that the new domain extensions are going to fail, some have even declared that they’ve already failed. Heck I’ll just be blunt, I think that’s a bunch of BS.

Seriously, what is the chance that all the new domain extensions fail?

I’d say it’s as close to 0% as you could get. Like I said above, I’m still investing in .COM and still think they hold the most value. However I do think we live in the reality where .COM can still hold its value (and actually grow in value) while other domain extensions also grow in value. Look at new extensions like .CLUB, .XYZ, .SHOP and many more and it’s clear that there’s something happening here and it’s not a fad.

I think the real challenge is that domain investor who want to play the short game are losing with new domain extensions because they don’t currently have the same liquidity as .COM. I think the issue here is a real dose of realism. When .COM initially launched people didn’t think the Internet as a whole was going to take off, and rewind 15+ years and buying and selling things online was cutting edge, still most things were purchased in stores.

As the Internet took off so did .COM, which has been fantastic for many of us who choose to invest in domain names rather than the stock market or real estate. Let’s just not let this cloud our vision of the future. Change isn’t a possibility, it’s a certainty, and there’s a reason why some of the biggest .COM investors in the world like Frank Schilling have decided to put very meaningful investment dollars into new gTLDs. It’s not because they have given up on .COM, or that they think .COM is going to slowly decline, it’s simply because they know we are moving into a world where this is real meaningful value in new domain extensions.

I see some domain investors embracing this change, I see others hanging onto the old ways, unwilling to admit that maybe, just maybe, the domain world isn’t going to stay the same for the next 20 years. So yes, I love .COM, you probably do too, but just remember that you can love .COM and still think that there are some new domain extension out there that are going to hit a homerun, heck, some like .CLUB and .XYZ already have.

The big question is, how are you going to position yourself and your own portfolio during this time to make sure that you don’t kick yourself for ignoring the opportunities that are in front of your face right now.

Okay, enough from me. What do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton