Lessons learned from Rick Schwartz – buying a domain with the “perfect” entity to sell it to in mind is probably a big mistake

While Rick Schwartz might not be blogging anymore, he is tweeting more than ever and I’ve been finding some great nuggets in his tweets. This particular nugget is one that I’ve learned the hard way more than once, okay, it probably took me at least five times to really learn my lesson here. Here’s Rick’s tweet that inspired this post:


It’s a common mistake, especially when you’re just getting started in the domain world, and it goes something like this. You spot a name that is expiring and think, “I bet [blank] company would buy this name in a heartbeat.” So you buy the domain, and maybe even spend a little more than you usually would because you are so sure that the company you have in mind is going to buy it the moment you reach out.

So you reach out, spend a bunch of time trying to get in contact with the right person and then find out they aren’t interested, at all, period. Now you’re sitting on a domain name that likely isn’t of much interest to anyone else but you, except you weren’t even interested in it to begin with.

Thanks for sharing Rick and for those reading make sure to heed Rick’s advice here and remember, just because you think someone would love to buy a domain name, doesn’t mean they actually would.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton