Less than 24-hours left to save 60% on NamesCon 2016 tickets

NamesCon 2015

NamesCon has quickly become the largest conference in the domain name world, and if you’re going next year (less than three months from now) don’t forget to buy your ticket before Saturday night. Starting Sunday tickets go up by 60% and at $399 it’s a hard price to beat. Starting Nov 1st prices go up to $599 and then up to $799 on January 1st, and if you wait until the last minute they are $999 at the door.

For me NamesCon has become an absolute must-attend event given the number of people that go each year. As I’ve said many times before, while I love great talks (and NamesCon is will have some of the best) I go to domain conferences for the meetings I have outside of the talks and the serendipity that happens when you get a group of Domainers together all at once in the same place.

As I’ve also said many times before, the key to maximizing value at a conference like NamesCon is setting-up meetings before the event and setting clear goals for what you want to achieve. Given that the conference is now less than three months away, now is the time to get your ticket and start reaching-out to people that you want to meet.

Since just about everyone in the domain community comes to NamesCon, and we happen to be in a community of people that will sit down and grab a coffee or a beer with you if you ask, the opportunities are huge. So if you’ve been on the fence about going to NamesCon, get off the fence and grab a ticket now before prices go up.

I hope to see you there!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton