Lean Startup Machine Day 2: Ready, Set, Go!

Learn Startup Machine Day Two was unbelievably intense, exhilarating, and incredibly inspiring. Today we are working like crazy to get our MVP out there (Minimum Viable Product) and hit the streets of NYC to see if real people will use our product. Right now we are in our own startup headquarters, a corner office in downtown New York at Hive at 55. To bring you as close to realtime as possible the picture below was taken just a few minutes ago:


I don’t have time to put-together a full post today detailing all of yesterday’s events so I’ll summarize as quickly as possible and then back to creating something truly great…the name of our team is Create Great. Last night we met at 5:45PM and began working with our teams right-away. Our goal was to put together our hypothesis, assumptions we were making, who our customers were, and how we would test our assumptions.

Mentors went from group to group giving us feedback and helping us to shape the first iteration of our startup. The idea is that we want to validate our assumptions as quickly as possible and flush-out the bad ideas or directions that might lead us on a path to no-where. Our idea involved dramatically over a few hours and the intensity grew by the minute.


In between our work session there were presentations by mentors as well as a live video chat with Eric Ries. We worked until about 12 at night and then came-back this morning at 9AM and went right back to it. I burned the midnight oil a bit getting our prototype going and ended-up getting to sleep around 4AM, but who needs sleep right?

Below are pictures from the event yesterday, we don’t think we’ll be sleeping until Sunday night so today begins the biggest challenge of all, building a business, testing ideas with customers, hitting the streets of NYC, and proving to our mentors who are entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that we have what it takes to great something great!


Crowd Entering The World Trade Center Subway Stop


Lean Startup Machine Teams At Work


Video Conference With Eric Ries


Our Team - Create Great - Working Late!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton