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I have discussed custom parking pages on my blog before. The rule is simple: building a custom website on your domain name with Google Adsense and basic content will make you significantly more money than ANY parking service.

For those who didn’t read my earlier post on this, I’ll explain. When using a parking service you are sharing the commission from the click with your Parking company. These ads are usually served by Google to begin with. Suppose someone clicks a link on your parked page, then you, the parking company, and Google are all paid by the advertiser.

By creating a custom parking page you stop sharing your click revenue with the parking company and you and Google get to split the winnings! On top of this, I have found that custom parking pages have a significantly higher click-thru rate than parked pages. Higher click-thru rate also means more money. Putting this all together, a custom parking page gets you more money per click, and more clicks – I’d call that a win-win situation!

I just finished three new custom parking pages generated from the template that I built. While it does take some time to put together an initial custom-parking page, the payoffs are well worth it.

Just one final clincher here – custom parking pages can list very well in search engines. This means that your domain’s value will grow over time as it get more traffic and more people linking to it, finding it in searches, etc. So not only do you make more money while you own the domain, but in the process you are dramatically increasing the value of the name. Now that is win-win-win!

New Custom Parking Pages:

** All of these domain names are

for sale

with custom parking page included. **

Feel free to send me your offer if interested.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy domaining!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton