It’s time to change the background on my blog – what do you think?

blog background

So I recently realized that I’ve had the same background rocking on my blog for over two years now, and it’s time for a change. Since I’m not a designer, and I also know I don’t have an amazing design eye, I’m probably not the best person to pick the background.

Which is why I thought – why not ask my reader since you are the ones that have to look at my background the most? I have held off on offering up my background as advertising space because I think that can often distract from the content and I’m sticking with that approach for now.

There are three different types of backgrounds I’ve been thinking of:

  1. Something abstract (like the current background)
  2. A landscape photograph (think something like the background on your Macbook)
  3. A solid color (the least distracting but admittedly boring)

What do you think? Feel free to include a link to any images that you think are a good example of what you’re suggesting. Thanks in advance for sharing!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton