It's Official – September Was My BEST Month Ever – Want to know why?

September turned-out to be the most successful month ever for my company and my blog and I’m hoping October will be even better! As your probably know, I’m the analytical type who likes to understand and document the things I do that work-out for me, as well as those that don’t go according to plan. I’ve always said that in life you should always be learning and many of the mistakes I’ve made over the last two years have helped my company get to where it is today.

So what made September so great? There are three things that I’ve done over the course of the year that I think led-up to the incredible September. Oftentimes the elements that make a particular month great were set into play long before. To use an analogy – nobody would blame Obama for the horrible economy – the factors that led to the economic downturn were already put-into play before he stepped-into office.

Each year I come-up with focused goals – many of which come from lessons I learned the previous quarter, month, or sometimes week! Here are the top three changes I’ve made to my business that I think led to this incredible month:

1) Shift of focus from MiniSites to Blog Sites
Throughout the course of this year I’ve seen the revenue and search engine rankings of my mini-sites decline while my blogs continued to gain momentum. I realized that it was time for a change and over the last 4-5 months I have been converting my mini-sites into blog sites. This is a process that is still going-on and won’t even be finished this year but the revenue and SEO payoff is already clear.

2) Focus on putting more time into less things
I mentioned this in a recent post – Friday Musings of a Domain Investor where I said:

This year I’ve really tried hard to put more time into less things. This doesn’t mean doing less – it only means doing more with less…make sense?

This has made a big difference this year as I think I’ve been able to focus on quality rather than quantity. I give myself more time to complete projects and in the end this increased focus has led to more successful sites – just not developed as quickly as I used to think was necessary.

3) Learning from others
This could really be point #1 and it is something that has been essential to my success in the Domaining world – learning from other Domainers! I read just about every Domaining blog on the planet and can honestly say I learn something new every day.

So learn from your mistakes, learn from the community, and stay focused because we’ve got an exciting three months ahead of us!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton