Is the Domain King on the money with his predictions for .WEB?

When I first started investing in domain names Rick Schwartz’s blog (aka the Domain King) was one of my regular reads. I’ll be honest in saying I don’t always agree with everything Rick says, but I absolutely see him as an industry leader and someone whose successes in the industry speak for themselves. Which IMO means that I’ll still continue to read what he has to say, and what Rick says has moved from his blog to Twitter account @DomainKing.

Lately Rick has talked quite a bit about new gTLDs which he is generally very bearish on. That being said, Rick is bullish on .WEB which I think is interesting and makes me think more about the long term value of this TLD.

Rick Schwartz .WEB

In back-to-back tweets Rick shared his thoughts on .WEB which he thinks will get more registrations in its first 30 days than any other new gTLD. It’s hard not to listen when someone who has been in the domain industry since the very beginning highlights a new gTLD when he’s in general not a huge fan of new gTLDs. Right or wrong I’m always a fan of people sharing their opinions and have always liked that Rick isn’t shy about it.

Domain King .WEB

In short, I’m listening and I am very interested in seeing how .WEB does, Rick has been made some pretty solid predictions over the years, could this be his next big one? What do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton