.IO Is On Fire In The Startup World – Tuition.io and Test.io each raised $5M This Week

I have written about the popularity of .IO in the startup world many times before, and this week has highlighted just how hot .IO with both Test.io and Tuition.io raising $5M each yesterday. Yes, two startups who branded on . IO raising $5M on the same day. So what do each of these companies do? Let’s go a bit deeper to understand why they choose .IO and what they do.


Test.io combines software testing with crowd sourcing to help accelerate the process of finding and squashing bugs. With clients like Garmin, BMW, Red Bull and many more it is clear that the solution is working and growing. I see .IO as a great fit here since this extension has been hot with the software development community and Test.io is all about finding software bugs.


Tuition.io does something very interesting that makes sense given the current state of our University and student loan system. The company makes it easy for employers to offer student loan contributions as an employee benefit. According to their website 70% of University graduates carry student loans, and given how expensive schools are getting, I’d imagine these aren’t small loans.

If you want to learn more about .IO and the insane growth it has seen in 2015 take a look at this article from the folks over at Park.io. Huge congrats to both Test.io and Tuition.io, looking forward to following their growth!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton