Introducing The DomainMBA – Applications Now Open For Next Semester

As many of you know, I have taken a step back from everyday involvement in my domain business, Linton Investments to focus on our startup, Fashion Metric, full time. When I started in the domain industry back in 2007 I never had any dreams of being a full time Domainer, I wanted to build a business in the domain space that didn’t need me to keep it running. By 2011 I had that and in 2012 I left my day job (Sonos) and my post at Linton Investments so I could put all of my time and energy into Fashion Metric.

Throughout this journey I have received countless emails and phone calls from people who either wanted to consult with me or bounce ideas off of me for how to take their own domain business to the next level. Many of them had already read my book, but they wanted more.

For over six years I’ve been helping everyone who emails or calls me without asking for anything in return. I am proud to have helped hundreds of new Domainers over email and on the phone get started in this business the right way. I have donated well over a thousand hours of my own time, for free, to help people get started and take their own domain business to the next level.

Here’s the problem though. I don’t have enough time to do that any more. My focus is Fashion Metric and as it continues to grow I have less and less time to put into anything else. I still want to help people but I needed to do it in a focused way, with a smaller group. So last October I announced and released the first semester of the DomainMBA. I had 20 students and it was a huge success with many students seeing dramatic changes in their business and more importantly, in how they viewed and operated their businesses. (If you want to talk to someone about their experience feel free to ping Vincent from VinsDomains who was a student the first semester and will be a mentor for this upcoming semester)


The first semester I limited the applicant pool to newsletter subscribers only, now I’m opening it up my blog readers for the second semester that starts on February 1st. The class size has been reduced to ten students and no, this is not something where I try to get as many people in as I can, instead the focus is getting the right people who are at the right point in their life, and their business to take the next step. Here are some common FAQ about the program:

Who is the ideal candidate?

A good applicant would be someone who has been running a domain business for 1-4 years and is currently making $xxx or $x,xxx/month in a repeatable way. It is absolutely critical that students have 10+ hours/week – late at night and one weekend day usually won’t cut it. Last but certainly not least, all applicants must be using money they do not require to maintain their quality of life. This is a course for people who are building investment companies, not people who want to make quick money on the side with very little work.

What if you don’t get accepted?

Read, watch awesome videos on DomainSherpa, read my book, go to an amazing conference like NamesCon and get your business where it needs to be. Then when you find yourself making $xxx/month for six months in a row and you’re scratching you head trying to figure-out how to make $x,xxx/month then you’ll be in the right place.

What if I want to make money quickly?

Avoid Domain Investing as a business. This is a terrible industry for trying to make money quickly. There is a steep learning curve and if you want to build a business it will take time.

How long does the program run for and how much time does it take?

The DomainMBA lasts for three months and takes between 10-20 hours/week if you really take the time to do the weekly assignments right. Every month there is a live video session and at the end of the course there is a final exam that you will need to pass in order to get your diploma and join our private alumni network.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $499/semester but I am offering a 25% discount for all newsletter subscribers and blog readers. This includes the course sessions, one-on-one phone calls and emails with me, weekly assignments, a diploma that you can hang on your wall or show-off on your site, and access to a private alumni network where you can continue to share your results as your business grows. The alumni network access lasts forever and as the course continues to run over the years this will grow into a nice network of people who have gone through the program.

I am anticipating an acceptance rate close to 5% so please don’t feel bad if you are not accepted this semester, there’s always another semester only three months away and that also gives you time to get your business, life, and/or finances in the right place to make this move.

What topics does the Domain MBA cover?

Below is list of some of the key topics covered during the program:

  • Setting-up systems for managing your business – learn how to graduate from Excel
  • Finding a repeatable business model – how to go from a few sales here and there to creating a viable and repeatable business model
  • Individual portfolio review – every student gets a portfolio review to help you put your focus on the domains with the greatest liquidity
  • Step-by-step techniques for finding buyers – learn how to go beyond finding the right company and instead learn how to reach real decision-makers and avoid the gatekeepers
  • The negotiation process – learn how to negotiate over email and how to get potential buyers on the phone to close the deal. If you’re not negotiating deals every single week you’re not getting enough practice, this course will get you into high-gear, fast
  • Forecasting and business planning – learn how to setup a regular system for managing your domain business. Excel templates provided to students along with instruction on how to setup a regular schedule for staying organized and on top of your business
  • Hiring and firing – finding great people and getting rid of those who don’t perform
  • Reality check – by the end of the course you will have eliminated unrealistic goals and learned how to focus on what you can realistically achieve

If you think the DomainMBA sounds like a good fit for you and your business feel free to apply now for the next semester.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton