Blaze Is Getting Ready To Disrupt The Biking World + They’re Doing It On


A startup based in London has a big goal, they want to disrupt the bike world by making a light that makes your bike safer at night. How they do it is probably something you would never guess. No it’s not so bright that it can be seen for miles (although it is plenty bright), and it doesn’t include a built-in siren, or a magic car stopping EM pulse.

Blaze has invented the world’s first laser light. A green laser projects the image of a bike a safe distance in front of the actual bike to catch driver’s attention at night. Here’s a look at what the laser looks like at night:

Bike light invention

The light isn’t out yet but it is available to pre-order for $200. One thing I found very interesting about the branding here is the choice of domains, While we see startups embracing TLDs like .CO, .ME, at an ever-increasing rate, TLDs like .CC have been pretty quite for the last few years.

That being said, I’ve always like .CC, it’s short, easy to remember, and a whole heck of a lot cheaper than a .COM. What is slightly funny is that goes to a “File not found” page on I-Play’s website. It looks like Blaze was originally a game distribution platform that debuted on I-Play back in October of 2011. It looks like Blaze is no more and the .COM is no longer being actively used so the timing might be perfect.

Either way I like any company that thinks of something completely different that I have never hear of and have never thought of. This is cool and I’m definitely thinking about buying one. Anything that makes it safer to bike at night seems like a slam dunk to me. The question is, does it really make it safer? Only time will tell us that.

What do you think? Is Blaze going to make biking safer?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton