Internet Data Usage Up 120% Thanks To Netflix And YouTube

If you thought streaming video wasn’t taking off, it’s time to get out of your cave, dust off your sandals and realize that the world has changed and with it the Internet. Sandvine has just released its latest data about North American Internet Data Usage and it’s up a whopping 120% and it’s all thanks to video streaming, with Netflix accounting for 33% of the downstream traffic followed by You Tube at 14.8%.


What is interesting to see is how the data changes in favor of YouTube when you switch from Desktop to Mobile where Netflix is yet to really take-off.


This brings a lot of questions into play for most people, but it also makes me think of one thing as a domain investor, .TV. I have seen .TV as the dark horse in the TLD market for years now and I think this data shows that his could be the case. With so much traffic going towards video and .TV seen clearly as the TLD for video content I think it has a bright future.

Sure, the gTLD .video could come to squash it, but I think those insanely long gTLDs probably won’t see nearly as much movement as the short and sweet ones like .app and .nyc. Of course I don’t think you should rush out and buy a ton of .TV names right now, it’s only the premiums in this space that matter, the short, easy to remember one-word domains that I think make good long-term investments, and if this data is any indicator of the future of the Internet, it’s go video or go home.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton